Woodland Habitat Nest Boxes and Accessories Bring Wildlife Home
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Woodland Habitat helps you to provide habitat for wildlife through various nest boxes. As human development expands, wildlife continues to suffer. In woodland areas cleared for development, active habitat such as shelter and nesting cavities for a variety of wildlife species are eliminated. Species ranging from the beloved bluebird and shy screech owl to masked raccoons and entertaining squirrels have lost their woodland habitat. Our rustic wood nest boxes simply create artificial cavities and can do much to replace the loss of natural habitat.

Browse through the available nest boxes and feeders below.  If you have questions or wish to order a nest box or feeder, contact Gayle Pille or fill our our order form.

NEW! Flying Squirrels Video

Eastern Bluebird and Western Bluebird Nest Boxes

Free-Hanging Wren House

Screech Owl Nest Boxes 

American Kestrel Nest Boxes

Wood Duck Nest Boxes

Squirrel Box

Flying Squirrel Box

Bluebird Nest Box

Wren Nest Boxes

Screech Owl Nest Box

American kestrel-Screech-Owl Nest Box

Wood Duck Nest Box

Squirrel/Racoon Box

Flying Squirrel Nest Box

Nyjer Mesh Thistle Feeder 

 "Best-One" Hummingbird Feeder 

Hummingbird Feeder Ant Guard

Large Woodpecker Nest Boxes

Tree Mount Upside-down Suet Feeder

Racoon Nesting House  

House Wren / Chickadee Nest Box 

Nyjer Mesh Feeder

Hummingbird Feeder

Large Woodpecker Nest Box

Tree Mount Upside-down Suet Feeder

racoon house


"No Mess" Squirrel Feeder

Sm. Woodpecker Nest Box

 Bat House

bat house

Our Nest Boxes and Accessories are:

Hand-crafted of high quality western cedar

Easily cleaned. They have access with securely fastened clean-outs

Made of quality materials - high quality western cedar, rust-proof galvanized nails and screws and solid brass hinges

Include precise hanging instructions

Guaranteed for a full three years


If you have questions or wish to order a nest box or feeder, contact Gayle Pille or fill our our order form.

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